Long Deep Breathing

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Relax now with Long Deep Breathing! The more slowly and deeply you breathe, the more calm you will become. This application offers a simple and always accessible way to learn and practice the Long Deep Breathing technique. Just a few minutes of practice during your busy days will make a major contribution to your health, longevity and happiness.

What is the effect of Long Deep Breathing? According to the ancient yogis, Long Deep Breathing will calm the mind, balance the emotions, and harmonize body, mind and spirit. Long Deep Breathing can be used in everyday situations where you want to be in control of your emotions and able to think clearly and act effectively. Long Deep Breathing is also used in meditation and in the practice of yoga exercises. With the practice of Long Deep Breathing, your normal breath capacity can be significantly increased. Breathing slowly and deeply will also improve your immune and lymphatic functions. If you do not expand the lungs to their full capacity the small air sacks (alveoli) in the lungs cannot clean their mucous lining properly. You often gradually accumulate toxic irritants and environmental pollutants in the lungs that can lead to infections and disease buildup. However, if you develop the habit of breathing deeply throughout the day, you will clean the lungs. The expansion and contraction of the diaphragm caused by Long Deep Breathing actually stimulates your lymphatic system and massages your internal organs, helping the body rid itself of toxins, and leaving more room in the cells for an optimal exchange of oxygen.
Long Deep Breathing is a fast way to trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, and induce a relaxed state in your body and mind. It is in this state that the body is able to heal and repair itself.
Long Deep Breathing also releases endorphins into the circulation system. Endorphins are our bodys natural painkillers. This can help relieve general aches and pains, as well as help to lower blood pressure. This application contains two bonus features:
Using Long Deep Breathing to Help Overcome Insomnia
Using Long Deep Breathing As A guided Meditation for Self-Healing


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